Plaquette en ivoire sculpté

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400 - 600 EUR
Plaquette en ivoire sculpté
Interesting ivory plate carved in very high relief, finely carved, showing Dionysus as a young man. A major figure in Greek mythology and pantheon, this son of Zeus and Semele is the god of the vine and wine. Standing on a terrace with cut sides, his smiling face turned towards the bunch of grapes he is holding in his right hand, he is holding a thyrse à crosseron and another bunch in his left hand. According to the canons of Hellenistic sculpture, it is represented naked, simply dressed in the exomide, and accompanied by its attributes: a syrinx attached to a tree trunk, and a goat - an animal reputed to be prolific in the Dionysiac myth -, a leg folded over a basket of wicker France, 19th century in the spirit of the 18th century H. : 10 cm ; l. : 6.5 cm Work in a very satisfactory state, presented in a gilt metal frame. Beautiful anatomical rendering; attention to detail (visible teeth); some visible veins in the material; the lower part of the ferrule stem is missing.
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